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4×6 Slope Front Shelter


Pricing includes excavation of the hole, setting the unit and backfilling. If you want to excavate the hole, here are the instructions:

If digging your own hole… The hole will need to measure 6′ wide x 8′ long. It is vital to the set that the hole is square to the bottom corners to ensure we have enough room to do the set. The depth of the hole will need to be 53″. It is important that the hole not be over-dug and then backfilled, this would cause problems when it settles. There may be an occasional exception when rock is present. If we have to, we can go a bit shallower with the depth. It is also imperative that the hole has a level bottom at that 53″ mark. To ensure this level I would suggest using a 2×4 and level or to check it with a transit. If the four corners of the bottom are level and the center of the hole is not high, the set will go quite well. If on the other hand, the level is not attained by the time we show up, the set will take more time. Please use whatever method is best for you to help expedite the process.

Made in the USA